About Us

Bio-Safe Environmental Labratory is a well-established corporation with a depth of experience in solving environmental problems.
From our corporate offices in Boca Raton, Florida, we are a highly specialized environmental service company, with vast expertise on toxic molds and bacteria (biological) identification, remediation and removal in the workplace. Our market focus is corporate, institutional, public schools, hospitals, medical facilities, and governmental facilities.

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important for Everyone?

The most commonly reported asthma-causing agents are indoor air pollutants, which were cited most frequently by nurses, teachers and office workers.

Dr. John B. Sullivan Jr., sick-building specialist, of the University of Arizona College of Medicine states: There are more and more chemicals being introduced into the home and office environment. Causes of bad indoor air quality range from: carbon monoxide and other contaminants sucked into a building when air-intake vents overhang exhaust-filled loading docks and parking garages, to the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) seeping out of building materials, furniture, office equipment, carpet, paint, and pesticides, to the molds and bacteria funneled through muck-filled heating, ventilation, and cooling systems (HVACs). Even the smoke from those puffing away at entrances gets sucked back into the building, chimney-style, because of the suction from revolving doors (what engineers call the stack effect). 20-30% of the office population suffers from mild-headaches, nausea, dizziness, short-term memory loss, irritability, and itchy eyes and throats. Damage to the nervous and respiratory systems can occur as well. Doctors also link the doubling of asthma rates since 1980 to bad indoor air.www.businessweek.com:/2000/00_23/b3684001.htm One study showed that time off from work due to illness can be cut by as much as 30% if workers can have control over their office air.

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